Leaders are often seen as assertive, to the point, charismatic and in some cases strictly by the book.  While all of this is great, A leader without fun is like a pool without water.  As leaders, people take their clues from us.  When we are serious all the time, those who look to us become quickly uninterested and in some cases disconnected.  However, when you mix it up and bring the fun to it, it makes a huge difference.  Work and projects can become tough and strenuous.  Imagine the joy of a corny joke that makes people smile just because.  Having a background in Management in Corporate America, my team members have always appreciated the sigh of relief with laughter.  So . . . have you had your fun today?

Daily leadership tips are provided by Mr. A’ric Jackson:

For over a decade, people have allowed themselves to be inspired and motivated by the words of Mr. A’ric Jackson. His mission is to Transform Lives Through Leadership and teach the tangible tools of how to make dreams reality.

With a background in Corporate Training, he brings that knowledge and professionalism to teens. He has served as the Leadership Trainer & Keynote Speaker for such organizations as the Count Me In Global Leadership Summit, National Teen Leadership Program, Future Business Leaders of America, and Statewide Student Council Conferences to name a few. He is the founder of Generation Leadership (www.genleadership.org), a leadership training program designed for High Schools & Universities.

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