In this session, students are introduced to a new way of looking at commitment. To start, they were asked to define commitment and what it really means to them. We then examined how this applies to their everyday life, from people they know making commitments and giving them up within a matter of hours to those who make New Year’s Resolutions and only stick to them for a couple weeks. After discussing how often commitment is given up, the students were then put through an exercise to test their level of commitment. It sounds pretty easy, however, they were challenged to commit ONE action (no matter what it is) from point A to point B. This exercise truly escorts many of the students to exit their comfort zones.

After this exercise, students were able to see the importance of commitment and how it can really impact their own lives. This is followed up with the “Commitment Contract,” which students wrote up themselves based on what types of leaders they are committed to becoming. Once each student  created his or her “Commitment Contract,” they were encouraged to share these with the group, as everyone in the Mastering Leadership program is going through the same experiences this week with them. This created a space of safety and courage for them to share what they are really taking on for their lives, and ultimately drives them to create a future that they are going to commit to, no matter what.

MAST Students Learn About Commitment in Action

MAST Students Learn About Commitment in Action

MAST Students Learn About Commitment in Action

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