Category: Medicine & Health Care

Medicine & Health Care Students Visit Space Center

#NSLCHEAL students visited the Space Center Houston today. Click here for more photos.

Medicine & Health Care Students Participate in Clinical Diagnostic Simulation, Dermatology Workshop

This afternoon, #NSLCHEAL students participated in a Clinical Diagnostic Simulation, a dermatology workshop, and and prepared for a public health symposium. To see […]

Medicine & Health Care Students’ Surgical Rounds

#NSLCHEAL students participated in surgical rounds, which included dissecting a cow’s eye, a sheep’s heart, and learning how to do sutures on a […]

Opening Ceremonies

#NSLCENGN, #NSLCHEAL, and #NSLCMAST students have arrived! Check out a few photos from their opening ceremonies: To view more images, please check out […]

Session 2 Begins at Rice University

Today, the NSLC at Rice University welcomed more than 170 students to Rice University for Session 2. Students in the Engineering, Medicine & […]

Session 1, Departure Day

Thank you all so much for following along with NSLC Session 1 at Rice University! To see all of our photos, visit […]

Medicine & Health Care Students Continue Medical Training

#NSLCHEAL students have had plenty of time to refine their skills, from suturing and dissection, to taking vitals and bedside manner. But can […]

Medicine & Health Care Students Learn Clinical Skills

#NSLCHEAL students spent the morning learning how to take blood pressure, test pupils for reflexes, listen for abnormal breath sounds, and more. All […]

Medicine & Health Care Students Visit a Medical Simulation Center

#NSLCHEAL students visited the University of Texas McGovern Medical School’s simulation lab today to learn how to perform ultrasounds, draw blood, intubate a […]

Medicine & Health Care Students Visit the Houston Health Museum

Students in the #NSLCHEAL program spent time today conducting experiments in the Cell Lab at the Houston Health Center. To see more photos, […]