Click one of the photos to see the full album. We have lift off in Houston! HEAL and ENGN students have arrived. They […]

Meet The Staff!

NSLC at University of Houston staff is ready for registration day tomorrow!  


The HEAL 2021 staff is absolutely ecstatic to start their NSLC summer!


Meet your 2021 ENGN staff! They are pumped and ready to go for a great NSLC summer!

Departure Day

NSLC at Rice University comes to a close today with the departure of our Medicine & Health Care and Engineering students. Nine days […]

Sea Perch & RC Car Competition

Engineering students had their final major project competition, testing out their sea perches and RC cars that they’ve designed and built themselves over […]

McGovern Medical School Simulation Lab

Students visited UTHealth’s McGovern Medical School to meet with some of their faculty and students to learn clinical skills in their simulation lab. […]

Guest Speaker Steve Riley & Space Center Houston

Steve Riley spoke to Engineering students about his career path that led to his success as a NASA engineer and answered lots of […]


Medicine & Health Care students heard from Dr. Daniel Grabell about the basics of dermatology, and got to practice some basic procedures themselves. […]

Trebuchet Competition

Engineering students competed in the trebuchet competition, using provided materials to create the trebuchet that could throw a tennis ball the furthest.   […]